Technology Plan2016-2018

(July 1, 2015 Ė June 30, 2018)

Organization Information

District/Agency/School (legal name): Battle Lake Public School

District Number:ISD # 542

Technology Plan Status

The District/Agency/School has an approved 2013-15 technology plan:

XYes†††††††††† No

2016-2018 Technology Plan Date of Creation:February 9, 2015

Identified Official with Authority

Name: Jeff Drake††††††

Title: Superintendent of Schools

Address: 402 Summit St. W., Battle Lake, MN 56515

Phone: 218-864-5215


Technology Contact

Name: Alaine Risbrudt

Title: DAC/Technology Specialist

Address: 402 Summit St. W., Battle Lake, MN 56515

Phone: 218-864-5215



2016-18 Technology Plan Template

Instructions: Add your responses by typing into the document below.

Technology Needs Assessment. Describe the processes(s) used to determine the technology needs for the LEA for 2016-2018 and briefly summarize the needs that have been determined. Make sure to include any technology needs that will be supported through E-rate discounts, such as telephone, telecommunications access, Internet, and other E-rate eligible services:

The Battle Lake School has researched the technology needs of our school by surveying the staff and students in grades six through twelve. The survey addressed the needs in equipment, software, access, and training.

The support staff and teaching staff continue to look for furthering technology opportunities for the school.

Our school is data driven, we will continue to identify studentís needs through test results and investigate technology opportunities that would provide further avenues for improving student performance.


Goals and Strategies. List the specific goals and strategies for 2016-2018 that address how your LEA will use technology to deliver education and assist with school administration:

  1. Replace and improve the current phone system
  2. Evaluate and expand our bandwidth as our needs increase
  3. Evaluate and expand our wireless access as needed
  4. Provide more hands on technology equipment for students and staff
  5. Replace older technology equipment
  6. Expand online learning and software opportunities
  7. Provide more staff development opportunities on new technologies
  8. Expand technology support as more equipment is added
  9. Increase student access to technology
  10. Continue to pursue funding opportunities such as grants and donations
  11. Continue to research new technology and trends


Professional Development Plan. Describe the professional development strategies you have in place for 2016-2018 to ensure LEA staff are prepared to use the technology infrastructure, software programs, and online resources provided:

Part I.Professional Development In-service

1.Expose staff to emerging technology.

2.Learn how to integrate technology into daily practice in a way that augments instruction and learning.



Part II.Technology Integration Summer Academy

1.Provide teachers with time to focus on developing familiarity and skills with present and emerging technology.

2. Provide teachers with time to construct lessons that utilize technology to better facility learning goals.The development of higher order thinking skills and creativity will be emphasized in lesson development.

Evaluation. Explain the evaluation process for your technology plan for 2016-2018, including timeline, roles and responsibilities, and information gathered to assess how the technology plan goals and strategies are being met:

The Battle Lake School staff and all students in grades 6-12 were surveyed in February of 2015 on our schoolís technology equipment, software, access and training to determine our technology needs.  The technology strengths and weaknesses of the district will be analyzed by our technology team and the administration to determine the most effective methods of addressing these needs.

A follow up survey will be administered in 2017 to evaluate the schoolís technology progress.

Each year a technology request form is filled out by all the staff to determine needs and new trends.  The requests are researched and quotes are collected.  The technology team meets to prioritize the requests.  The team uses the current technology plan as a guide to the districtís long range plans to make their recommendations for purchases.


Optional Links. Provide links to district strategic planning documents, survey instruments, policies, or other resources that were used to provide data and help prepare the technology plan:

Provide additional links to support your technology plan; document will expand to fit.

Link to Current Technology Plan. Provide the link on the LEA website where the technology plan will be posted and updated throughout the planning period:

Childrenís Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

This LEA has an Internet Safety/Acceptable Use Policy in place.

XYes†††††††††† No

If yes, please provide a link to access the policy at the LEA website: Provide the link to your policy.

This school district deploys an Internet filter to protect minors from material that is pornographic or otherwise harmful to them.

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