Classroom Rules
This year I am implementing a new classroom management system.  I will be following the guidelines from the book Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids by Chris Biffle.  I am very excited about this.  It will be the basis for how teaching, learning, and managing behaviors take place. 

  Rules:  1. Follow Directions Quickly!
             2.  Raise Your Hand for Permission to Speak!
             3.  Make Smart Choices!
             4.  Keep your Dear Teacher Happy!
             5.  Keep Your Eyes on the  Speaker!

These rules will be practiced and implemented daily until students know them.  Each month they will be reviewed.  If rules are broken, students will have a time to practice the rule not being followed during game breaks or recess. 

Students will work together to follow these rules along with learning strategies to make our classroom a place where positive learning takes place.

If needed, consequences for not following rules will be:  Note home, parent called, meeting with consequence from Mr. Drake, behavior referral with consequence from Mr. Drake.