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TITLE: Art 7

PREREQUISITE: Students in grade 7

DESCRIPTION: An art overview, serving as an introduction to the elements of art and principles of design in two and three-dimensional works using various media. The main emphasis will be on elements and experimentation with different media as a means of individual creative expressions. Art history, art criticism, and aesthetics will parallel art production.


TITLE: Foundations of Art

PREREQUISITE: Students in grade 9

DESCRIPTION: In this class, students will be introduced to a wide variety of mediums in exploring their own artistic expression. An overview of the elements of art and principles of design will be provided, lending themselves, as the basic structure in problem-solving approaches to visual exploration. During this course, we will study artists/movements and their impact to the arts. Students will be exposed to the fundamentals of art criticism, evaluation and art history.


TITLE: Graphic Arts

PREREQUISITE: Students in grades 9-12

DESCRIPTION: This class deals with the computer generated form of art. Focusing on Adobe Photoshop and Wevideo. Students will learn the principles needed for working in computer design and movie making.  Projects range from Toy movies, music videos and movie trailers to Photoshop projects geared to business applications.


TITLE: 2-D Art

PREREQUISITE: Students in grades 9-12

DESCRIPTION: In this class, students will use drawing and painting fields to explore a variety of techniques and mediums. The elements of art and principles of design will be an important part of the class.  The students will learn how important drawing and painting are, while at the same time gaining knowledge in their history.  As a part of the class, students will continue to understand art criticism and its effectiveness in evaluation and developing artwork.


TITLE: 3-D Art

PREREQUISITE: Students in grades 10-12

$10 materials fee

DESCRIPTION: This class is a study of form in multiple mediums. It explores a variety of techniques and skills in creating clay and sculptural forms. Students will learn terms, styles, processes, and approaches to clay. Wheel throwing will also be introduced. The elements of art and principles of design will be stressed as they are applied to form and surface decoration. Historical and present references will be explored and applied as they pertain to function and non-functional pieces.



Description:  In this class students will explore different media types to gain a better understanding of various drawing types and how they are used in the art fields. Pencil, chalk, pen and ink, pastels and charcoal are many of the mediums that could be explored.



Stress will be placed on watercolor and acrylic painting.  Airbrush and airbrushing techniques will also be introduced to help in the painting process.  As a part of this class students will continue to explore art history and how different art movements were begun.


Art Design  

Student will experience many styles and mediums of Art not usually worked with.  Air brushing projects, Printmaking, Glass etching, Silk screening, murals and abstract design projects are just some areas in which students will get to experiment in.



Students will experience Art in the round.  Several different mediums will be covered throughout this class.  Found objects, wire, wood, and plaster will be only some of the mediums worked with during the semester.


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