Lesson Plans

Mrs. Heggem’s Lesson Plans: Feb. 4-8







8th grade English

(1st & 4th hour)

The Diary of Anne Frank movie

1st hour: Read "Sky" 4th hour: Resistance research assignment 1st hour: Read "Sky" 4th hour: Resistance research assignment
Begin poetry unit

"O Captain, My Captain" 
"O Captain, My Captain" 

Environmental Literature
(2nd Hour) *

No class  Discuss "To Build a Fire"
Read "knot" 
Assigned: Wright
Due: Wright
Assigned: Jewett
and Positive Human Interaction 
Due: Jewett
Assigned: Whitty
Due: Positive Human Interaction and Whitty
Assigned: Leopold

College Writing II (3rd hr)*

course paperwork
-Discuss: "A &P" 
Assigned: "Eveline" and S/R journal 

Due: Journal 2: Eveline

Discuss "A & P"

Discuss "Eveline"

Assigned: Journal 3: "The Things They Carried" 

10th grade English

(5th & 8th hour)

Assigned: Spelling/vocab. 2: Poetry



"The Guitar" 

TED poetry article and songs as poetry?
Lyric analysis assignment 
Spelling/vocab. test 
​Work on lyric analysis assignment 

Note: Lesson plans are subject to change.  Students should rely on information discussed in class or contact me for the most current information. Information is also available on the Google Classroom site created for each section. 

*Both sections of the college courses have accompanying syllabi that further explain weekly assignments, activities, and readings.


MCAs- 1-2nd hour

6th hr.: 1st hr: Research Project; Work on notecards- due Friday

-OLPA test

-OLPA test

Poetry Song Presentations
Poetry Song Presentations